Super easy DIY Minecraft costume

This post about a Minecraft costume that we made a few years ago is by far the most read entry in the blog, with visits from all over the world. So maybe it’s not a bad idea to have it in English.

Let’s go.

As I said, we made the costume a few years ago, when our son was 6 and mad about Minecraft. Wait! He’s almost 11 now and still mad about Minecraft…

We used EVA craft foam. The dark blue and white are glitter foam, and the light blue is regular foam.

We started by designing an appropriate pattern. I must say that this was more difficult than expected, and I had to make several tests (with tissue paper or craft board) until I got a pattern with the appropriate proportions.

Once I found the right proportions, it’s just two pieces for the front and back and a total of four pieces for the shoulders. Inside the shoulders, I put some cardboard so as to make the armor stronger.

To join the pieces, I used some strips with adhesive Velcro, which sticks so well to the foam. You can also add some tabs, as in cut-out paper toys, but I’m not a big fan of gluing foam, it takes soooo long to dry out…

For the helmet, we used a shoe box covered with foam and inside we glued an old cap without peak. We filled the box with tissue paper for a better fit, but anyway it wasn’t very comfortable. Who said that a square helmet was to be comfy? 😂

The pickaxe and shovel are from AliExpress.

And here you can find the pattern we made. My idea was to make pixels of 2.5×2.5 cm but I could not keep that measurement in all the sections.

In the picture you can see the measurements of the front and back plates, both for the dark blue base and the light blue layer, and here you have the other measurements:

– Shoulder squares in the front and back plate: 10×10 cm

– Shoulder pads: 10.5 cm width; length in the top shoulder pad: 16cm; length in the side shoulder pad: 14 cm

– Squares in the shoulder pads: 8×8 cm

Hope you like it!

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